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Hi! I’m Connie, MS



Hey everyone and welcome to my new site! As much as I loved my old site I so deeply wanted a fresh start. Not that I didn't love what I shared, it was just that I felt like I had no way of organizing it to my liking and trying to think about that organization spiraled me into a bit of a panic attack.

I’ll bring back some of my most loved posts from the old blog but my hope is that with my new chapter starting as an RDN, I would have a fresh space to have that start. Also, to be honest, I literally never understood nor cared to understand Wordpress (old site) and I wanted to feel like I could understand the intricacies of my blog a bit better so I switched over to square space where I designed this myself. I did some re-branding with Morgan and I couldn’t recommend her enough for getting all your colors, fonts, and ideas in a row.

So here we are. As a little intro I thought I would tell you some things to get to know me.

  1. My most favorite city in the US is Chicago, IL. I grew up flying to a little beach town in Indiana called Ogden Dunes to visit my grandparents as early as 6 months old and we often came to the city to see to see other members of our family. I love the lake, I love the little midwestern twang people speak with (my family included), I love Cubs games, and there’s nothing like that Chicago skyline. Later on, I attended DePaul University where I earned my BS in Health Science, was a member of the Delta Zeta soritty, and found Intuitive Eating after years of disordered eating and an eating disorder.

  2. I eat dessert every day. Most likely it’s ice cream. If I’m not having some from the carton of Dryers French Silk then I’m probably at Jeni’s ice cream.

  3. I HATE running but I love to walk and hike.

  4. I’m a deep feeler and I am easily moved to tears.

  5. I’m the type of person who has many friends but getting them all in the same place is virtually impossible. I always felt weird that I didn’t have a big friend group that just did life together but as I get older I realize that I have it so good and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  6. I love fancy cocktails and fancy coffee but I can also sit and enjoy some of the plan old regular stuff.

  7. Sweet potato fries > regular fries

  8. I attended California State University Los Angeles for graduate school where I found some kick ass friends and now, colleagues, and got to live at home with my parents. I was born and raised in Southern California where my dad’s family is from. My favorite part of LA is Echo Park.

  9. Light roast coffee over dark, ANY DAY.

  10. If I could pick one thing to wear the rest of my life I think it would be a jumpsuit.

So there you have it.

I hope you stick around for this new life season!

Life Update: I'm Moving To Denver!

Life Update: I'm Moving To Denver!