Get to know me!

Hi! I'm Connie.png

Welcome! My name is Constance Weissmuller, Connie for short, and I’m so glad you are here. I am a registered dietitian nutritionist who loves helping people achieve food and body freedom so they can live out their values and enjoy a full life outside the shackles of diet culture. In this space you can find ways we can work together, read the blog where I share tid-bits of gentle nutrition and life, or short courses (coming at a later date) on specific topics that support a range of healthy habits!

My story

My relationship with food and exercise has not always been the way it is now. I’m fully recovered from my highschool eating disorder and later on, disordered eating in college, and I am a strong believer that full recovery is possible.  I have always loved people and I’m a natural born helper and deep feeler. If you are familiar with the Enneagram, I’m a 2! My desire to pursue nutrition stems from my interest in the health sciences and evidence based practice but also in supporting a well rounded life. Through working on my relationship with food and re-learning how to eat intuitively, I was able to live my fullest life.

I found passions and hobbies outside of calorie and step counting that brought deep meaning and joy to my life and ultimately helped me find the healthiest place for me.

A few things I love

  • Traveling and experiencing culture through food

  • Bodies of water - I’ll gaze, swim, paddle, kayak, float, or dip my toes in it whenever possible

  • Phone calls and facetimes with close friends and family who are far away

  • Handwritten thank you notes

  • Coffee (or wine) dates with people close by

  • Feeling the breeze on my face

  • A rowdy zumba class or a solid shavasanah

My philosophy

I approach nutrition with a wide lens. I’m a big picture thinker. I care about all aspects of health and realize that nutrition and food touch many aspects of our lives. I work through an Intuitive Eating and Health At Every Size lens which means I focus on supporting my clients adopt behaviors for the sake of health rather than weight control. These behaviors include

  • flexible (and fun!) eating while respecting hunger, fullness, satisfaction, gentle nutrition, and personal preferences

  • finding joy in moving one’s body

  • acceptance of one's unique body size and shape

I value your mental, emotional, and physical health and our work together will support you as a whole person.

Common questions

What if I want to lose weight?

I get it. We live in a culture that praises weight loss and the pursuit of thinness but often at the expense of joy, health, and a healthy relationship with food. I hear you, I do. I am not against weight loss. If by adopting healthy behaviors in our work together your outcome is weight loss then I support you. I can’t guarantee that you will lose weight or that you will love the shape and size of your body after adopting life-long healthy habits. However, I can guarantee you that I will support you in your work to accept your body and live your healthiest life whether that means you lose weight, gain weight, or stay the same.

How many sessions on average do I come for?

Unfortunately, I can’t give you an exact answer here. It often take a few sessions for me to hear your story and for us to develop a plan in working together. Our initial session is really me listening to you and getting the whole picture of your relationship with food and body. I often ask a lot of questions here- you are the expert of your body and I want to get to know you! Follow up sessions will touch upon the goals we establish in our initial session and the length of time depends on your short term, medium term, and longer term goals. Learning to trust and accept your body while building habits that support that is hard work and not something we can achieve in a single initial session.

Will you give me a mealplan?

We can certainly work on meal planning in a loose way, however me handing you a specific meal plan will likely not support food freedom and the intuitive eater within you. I will be happy to teach you general guidelines of building a balanced meal and some practical meal planning tools in our sessions together.  

Need more information on the weight neutral approach?

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Feel free to email to set up a free 15 minute  discovery call to see if we will be a good fit in working together.